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"Mind, body, and wellbeing are the number one focus."

Meet Your Practitioner

Danielle Stephens, LMT  

Certified through Ohio Institute of Health Careers, reviewed with Stark State College and Ohio State Medical Board Licensed With over 10 years of experience and continuing  to add to practice with respect of the mind and body are all vital for success, providing relief and relaxation through massage and knowledge on how the body reacts to therapeutic touch and modalities to improve movement and circulation which encourages the body and mind to recuperate from daily ware and tare and or injury.

A little bit about your practitioner:

  • Danielle enjoys quality time with family and friends, on her free time she has multiple dance classes and exercise routines!

  • She also enjoys exploring the great metropolitan parks of Ohio!  

Massage Lice_edited_edited_edited.jpg

The mission here is dedicated thru therapeutic massage which can help you achieve optimal results.

  • Knowing how the body works hand-in-hand with science and understanding how the body works

  • Nourishing starved muscles

  • Move with more ease

"Providing you with knowledegeable skills & experience to better promote relaxation & restore your overall wellness."

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